Radar Referral Program

This is a Program initiated by Propati Radar engaging the general public to help reach more clients at the same time benefitting everyone involved in the transaction process.

Propati Radar Referral Guideline

Do you want to earn extra income?

Do you work with clients who are looking for investments opportunities?

Are you currently in-between jobs and need something doing to earn income from your comfort zone?

Refer Propati Radar today and earn mouthwatering commissions and other benefits from individual efforts.

Propati Radar referral program:  The Radar referral is a means to earn a commission when you market our products and services to your potential home buyer and leads. This is a relatively straightforward and easy process, offering commissions when you become a Radar Agent.

Radar Referral Guideline

Refer Clients to invest with us or purchase any of our available properties and get a 2-3% commission after client pays. Be free to use any marketing channel or strategy you deem fit while also posting all our products on all your social media platforms daily. For every interested client, refer back to the company for inspection bookings and possible meetings for closure. Deal Closure is what guarantees Commission.

The Benefits

There are so many benefits of being a Radar Agent and they include:

  1. Trainings and Development opportunities for our Radar Agent
  2. Commissions and other consolation prizes.
  3. Easy to build clientele while working as an independent Agent because you are affiliated with a trusted real estate company.
  4. As a Radar Agent you can be making money as a realtor, and still have opportunity to own your own home with Propati Radar.

The Requirements

  1. Be passionate and willing to strive in marketing real estate.
  2. Fill and return our referral Program form
  3. Have a good phone

Become a Radar Agent at a glance

  1. Send us an interest email via info@propatiradar.com
  2. Fill your registration form, attach your photograph and signature.
  3. Submit filled form via same email above.
  4. We will then send you a confirmation and other information.
  5. Visit our page for constant product update

Terms and Conditions

Qualification for Commission is guaranteed after deal Closure and payment in full. Bringing a client for inspection does not guarantee commission payment.

Property Listings

  1. Check our websites
  2. Check our Instagram Page
  3. Check our Brochure
  4. We will send constant product update to you